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Reaching your Audience: Customers don’t have to read a particular publication or tune in at certain time to hear your message.  Advertising on Public Transit vehicles brings your message to the entire county, and some of the busiest  areas — You can't ignore or turn it off.

Timing:  Consumers see bus advertising at the best possible time – when they are not at work, home or school.  Transit ads reach people when they're most ready to respond or make a purchase, such as when they're traveling or shopping.


Value: Transit advertising typically costs less than television, radio, billboards and newspapers. You will reach the largest audience typically for the least cost.


Constant Exposure: Your ad will be seen 10+ hours a day and you'll reach a captive audience of motorists and pedestrians in passing, at stops, or paused in traffic.


Get Noticed: With their bold text and larger-than-life graphics, transit ads are naturally appropriate to support your product.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HIRTA vehicles travel all over central Iowa, including Boone, Dallas, Jasper, Madison, Marion, Story and Warren counties as well as daily shuttles into Des Moines and Iowa City. The HIRTA fleet averages 150,000 miles and 10,000 service hours per month, so your message will be displayed  to pedestrians, drivers, businesses and nearly 25,000 riders. In addition to the individuals who travel in or next to your advertisement, the buses stop at shopping malls, business districts, schools, medical facilities and residential neighborhoods, giving your ad a wide range of exposure.

HIRTA advertising program is operated by Midwest Truck Advertising, a central Iowa agency. MTA provides the best transit advertising experience you will find anywhere. In Addition to nearly 30,000 inside ad views per month, the view count on the exterior advertisements on the buses are explosive. To learn what bus advertising can do for your Brand, Please contact MTA at (630) 849-3585 or visit MidwestTruckAdvertising.

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